• Make Bitcoins deposit

    Start from as low as 0.01 and send them to displayed unique address

  • Wait 99 hours

    This gives us chance to properly invest funds and make your deposit multiplied

  • Recieve doubled deposit

    After 99 hours has passed we will send your doubled Bitcoins straight to address you provided


What is the minimum deposit amount?

Our system only accept deposits from minimum 0.01 .

How long does a payout take?

After 99 hours, we will send you your profit in around 10 minutes.

Is it allowed to deposit more than one time?

Yes. You are allowed to deposit as often you want - BUT you must generate every time a NEW deposit address.

Is there a deposit limit?

No, you are welcome to deposit as much Bitcoins as you want.

Is there a affiliate program?

To generate your affiliate link you need Bitcoin address in which you want to recive affiliate comission and paste it into link. For example:
You will get 5% of every deposit made by your referral link.

Make deposit and double it in 99 hours